Wednesday, May 19, 2010

working abroad + prague architecture = easy to forget about work issues

I know I shouldn't complain about the troubles of working abroad because how many people are able to do this, right? But I've found it's taken a ton of patience on my end and flexibility because it always seems that when I plan a day of work there is something wrong. This time it's because someone messed around with my system, tried to make it better but really only messed things up because passwords were changed, connections were moved around and nothing was actually TOLD to me. I'm a bit of a control freak with my things at work - especially my computer because I use it so often. When something breaks why not just fix the initial problem, why fix everything else?? All my computer needed was a cord connecting it to the server and the dude created a new connection for me, changed a password to the server, and downloaded about 100 updates for my computer (which I didn't download because I found out a year ago I had a hacked copy of office and windows didn't like that.. I had to system restore). It's silly stuff but when you're thousands of miles away from the computer you're trying to log in messing with certain settings is probably the most annoying thing you can do. Not to mention, why would you not give someone the password??

Work rant aside Prague is really beautiful. The architecture is amazing and it really feels like you're in some fairytale when you walk around the narrow streets. Yesterday I went on the free walking tour and tomorrow I'm looking forward to the non-free walking tour of the castle grounds. Today it's a bit overcast and rainy which is okay since I haven't been feeling great. A girl on the bus sat next to me and coughed the whole time so I think she might have gotten me a little bit sick. I'm going to try and take it easy today, drink some tea, write out some postcards, edit some photos and make a massive blog post soon - haha. I uploaded about 200 pictures yesterday from Berlin, the Czech countryside, Terezin and Prague to my flickr. I have about 50 more to add from yesterday! I won't be a total jerk and post them all but I am going to post quite a few. I feel bad because I can't send as many postcards as I would have liked so I'll make up for it in photos!

Here are a few gorgeous pictures I took of the sunset the other night over the Vltava River.

Sunset over Vltava River

Prague Castle in the distance:

Beautiful Sunset in Prague, Prague Castle in the distance

A view of Stare Mesto (old town):

Stare Mesto Prague

The castle at dusk:

Prague Castle

And finally the river and a small view of Nove Mesto (new town):

Prague at night

Many more to come!

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