Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello Europe!

I am here! Thursday was a very long day. I was too excited to sleep so I packed until about 11pm on Wednesday and then lay in bed excited for about 4 hours. I got up at 3, took a shower and tried to repack my bags to make things lighter. I felt a bit overpacked but now that I'm here I am glad I brought two zip up sweater/jackets and a few long sleeved shirts. Usually I'm a bit chilly and while they took up more space I'm thankful because it's been in the 50's and low 60's here so far.

Anyways, the flights were long and relentless. I am glad I did not check luggage as I only had 30 minutes between each plane and therefore it felt like I was on a nice 14 hour flight. I arrived expecting long lines through customs and there was nothing. I walked right up, the guy smiled at me and commented on how it was a new passport, stamped it and I went through. I had nothing to declare in customs and just walked right through the doors and into freedom without any questions. Linette told me I couldn't bring much of anything that was not in a sealed bag and this time I am sure I could have taken almost anything sealed or unsealed. I suppose I got lucky?

I ignored the group of people waiting and walked outside to find Sabine, my B&B host. I found her car parked but it was empty so I went back inside and found her waiting with a sign with my name on it. She was surprised at how quickly I had gotten through customs and thankfully she hadn't waited long even though my flight was about 30 minutes late. It was 11:30am. On the drive back to the B&B she told me a little bit about each of the towns. I wish I had remembered more but at that point I was going on about 40 hours with no sleep and I could only think about how lovely it would be to nap for a few hours. Unfortunately her cat, Hoogal was at the vet and very sick. They had given Tony (the little dog) and Hoogal a flea treatment and it turned out to be a medicine only for dogs. Poor Hoogal was very sick but they think he is going to make it. She left to go to the vet and I slept for an amazing 3 hours.

I will write about my delicious dinner and night later! And post pictures of the town and their adorable dog. For now I've had a nice breakfast and worked for 2 hours so I'm ready to head to explore their village. And shower!!

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