Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm meated out

I am really feeling out of sorts due to not eating enough veggies and salad. And it has only been 4 days. I asked reception at the hostel I'm in and they were puzzled and then referred me to McDonalds for the salads. Tonight I was going to go out and dance a bit but I've eaten toast with jam, cereal and a bratwurst today and feel pretty low energy. I'm sure there is a decent salad or steamed veggies in Frankfurt but I just don't know where. In an effort to save money I fill myself up on breakfast when it's free or inexpensive and then eat a meal around 4pm and maybe a granola bar or fruit leather later for a snack. I'm such a spoiled American - complaining about living off of potatoes and meat. I'll fix it! Tomorrow I will find a nice supermarket and purchase broccoli, spinach and some fresh fruit and eat it with such glee and excitement!

Currently I'm in Frankfurt at the Five Elements Hostel in the red light district. It's really, really nice here. They had the warning about the district but said it was very safe. I haven't been outside yet at night as I arrived today but I am one street away from a main street with many restaurants, shops, coffee houses and leads directly to the city center. That street feels safe. It's not weird being around sex shops or strip clubs.. I live in Portland! My room is very clean and the beds are comfortable. Certainly this is the best experience for my first stay at a hostel!

My roommates are two guys. Arthur is very interesting and is from Canada here on business. He does research on oxygen intake and how it corresponds to disease and poor health. During our conversation I couldn't help but be more aware of my breath and posture. He referred me to his website but I've forgotten it already. My other roommate I've yet to actually speak to. When he came in around 5pm I was napping and he napped for about an hour then read and left at 6:30. I woke up then and came down to the common room. I'd just like to say again how wonderful earplugs are.

I had a nice stay with Sabine and Wolfgang and appreciate their hospitality.

This isn't a good picture but it's the only one I have:
Sabine and Wolfgang

They took me around Frankfurt and also Oberursel where we went to a nice authentic restaurant where I had a couple regional dishes. The first one was brisket smoothered in Grüne Soße. This sauce is made of eggs, vinegar, oil and 7 different herbs (borage, sorrel, cress, chervil, chives, parsley, and salad burnet). It is served with halved boiled potatoes and is delicious. I also had some Handkäse which is a strong type cheese served with onions, vinegar and some caraway seeds on it. I was really full at the time but I thought it was really good as well but I love stinky cheese. Today before I left their cat, Hoogal was released from the vet and him and Tony, the dog both had an adorable reunion! This is Tony:


Sadly there are no pictures of Hoogal as I was leaving. And now I must leave the internets but I will leave you with a silly happy picture of me at the B&B

Happy at the B&B



  1. This is the advice II receivedwhen I asked a euro friend of mine.

    "well, authentic northern european food is meat and potatoes ... an italian place may be better, otherwise just walk along a street with lots of restaurants and look at menus."

  2. i'm so glad you're having a good time!

  3. Thanks Ben. I plan to do that today plus find a market :)