Friday, March 19, 2010

More things I've been ordering

I've been going down a checklist of items I need while traveling and while it was fun at first it's now tiring trying to find the best deal online. Thankfully it's my non-busy week of the month at work so I've had a little extra time to browse.

Amazon has a free 3 month trial of Prime shipping that I signed up for so my links are Amazon heavy. The prime shipping is pretty awesome. You receive everything in 2 days and shipping is free. My trial runs out the day I leave for Europe and I set it up so they won't be charging my credit card for the actual cost ($89 or so) for a year.

1) Iso Tourmaline Dual Voltage Hair Straighter: I indulged in one girly appliance to bring to Europe and found this for a nice price. I used it today and it works well! My current straighter (Solia) has a loose plate and isn't dual voltage. It made sense to buy this instead of a voltage adapter since everything else I'm taking is dual voltage.

2) 3 prong power adapter for my laptop and anything else I'm plugging in

3) A word padlock for the lockers in hostels. It's been recommended to buy locks for each zipper on my backpack too, which I will probably do. I found a 4 pack set on Amazon for $10.

4) Compact microfiber towel so I won't need to pay to rent a towel

5) Some earplugs. I bought a 50 pack of ear-plugs from someone on Ebay for $10. I hate earplugs but I'm a really light sleeper and hate getting woken up even more so I'll have to get myself used to them!

6) Timex watch: since I won't be carrying around my cellphone and it's my normal way to keep the time I figured it would be a good idea to get a watch with an alarm. Watches are pretty cheap nowadays!

7) Okay, okay, I guess there are two girly indulgences. I bought a Fleur De Lys Scarf from Piperlime because I had a $10 rewards coupon, found a $10 off $10 promo code and shipping was free. A few of the books I've read say a fashionable scarf is an easy way to spice up an outfit and stay warm at night. I have a simple jersey cotton black dress that paired with this scarf will look nice for a restaurant or club.

8) Maybe it's weird but I wanted to buy some tasty granola bars to throw in my bag for those times when I'm too lazy to make food, buy food or go anywhere. Snacks are good! You can buy boxes of them on Amazon and set it for them to deliver at regular intervals and get 15% off. You can cancel at anytime, no big deal. I picked every 6 months but I'm going to cancel that too; I just wanted the discount, haha.

I bought some KIND bars: apricot and almond. If you've never tried these you should! They are worth spending $1.75 on at the store. Yum! I also wanted to try out another bar that had some good reviews: Oskri Organic Turkish Delight. I'll pack a few of each in my luggage and use the rest for lunches until I leave.

Although all but 2 of the hostels provide linens I am considering a Hammond Sleep Sack just in case any of those places are a little sketchy. This will take up a little more space but I also have really sensitive skin and have had some allergic reactions before from different laundry detergents in bedding so it might be better to be safe on this one!

Things I still need to buy:
-3oz travel containers
-small toiletries bag to bring in shower
-considering an electric razor
-padlocks for my luggage
-laundry kit (woolite, clothesline or inflatable hangers and sink stopper)
-pajama pants
-2 fitted white t-shirts
-2 new tank tops (shelf bra)
-lightweight socks
-comfortable sandals! I like these but are they really worth $110?
Dansko Lolita. They look comfy to walk in and have great reviews but I think I'll check out a few local stores before I buy some online.
-Can opener
-Box of Emergen-c
-Mini-first aid kit - I think I have most of the supplies though
-Wrap/Shawl - although I think I will knit this
-lightweight packing cubes

I'm starting to narrow down the shirts and clothes I'm going to take. Everything is coming together nicely and there is still 5 weeks left. I can't wait to get my passport and get out of here. Everyone is talking about spring break. I forgot what that is! I can't wait to take a vacation from work for a little bit. Even though I'll be working on this trip I'll still be taking a few days off here and there!

Tonight I'm heading to the climbing gym. I've been thinking about checking out some places to climb in Europe. I won't be packing any harness but I bet there are some good boulders! Hmmm...

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